Retweets (RT): questions and answers why need to buy Twitter retweets

What is a retweet?

  • The retweet is a publication of others tweet. Function of a retweet allows you and to other users of Twitter quickly to share a concrete tweet with all the readers. It is possible to retweet both own tweets, and tweets of other users.
  • Sometimes users write "RT" at the beginning of a tweet to show that this tweet is initially published by other person. This combination of letters isn't official team or function of Twitter; it just shows that the user quotes the message of other user.

How the retweet looks?

Retweets are similar to usual tweets: near them the name and a user name of the author are displayed, but at the same time they are allocated with a badge of a retweet and display of the user name retweeting this tweet. If you once bought real twitter followers you see the publication of the user whom you don't read in the tape, look whether you aren't present in this tweet of the mark "Retweets" - possibly, you read the user who has placed this retweet.

Note. In third-party applications retweets can look differently, at the same time they are visible only in those applications in which API of Twitter for retweets is used. In many applications there is own function of retweets. The retweets created with their help officially aren't read by those. For check try to create a retweet in the third-party application, and then look how it looks in your profile on the web site.

Where retweets are published?

Tweets, retweeted other users

Tweets, retweeted are displayed by those whom you read in your tape on the Homepage.
Retweets, as well as usual tweets, from the users blacklisted by you aren't displayed.

Your tweets, retweeted other users

Pass into a tape of the Notice. Here all actions connected with your tweets are visible. Including it is possible to see what tweets were active Twitter followers help to increase number of retweets fast.

How to disconnect retweets?

  • It is possible to disconnect retweets of the specific user if you don't like what he shares. Come into his profile, press a badge of a gear and choose to Disconnect retweets.
  • Inclusion and shutdown of retweets has no retroactive force, that is impossible to remove the retweets which were already included in your film.
  • It is impossible to disconnect ALL retweets of ALL users.

real retweets

How to cancel or remove the retweet made by me?

  • To cancel a retweet, press Turn off Retweets badge in a tweet. As a result the retweet will be removed from your tape, but the initial tweet won't be removed.
  • Why some tweets can't be retweeted?
  • If near a user name on the page of a profile or in his tweets the icon of the lock is displayed, so his tweets are protected, and you can't retweet his tweets.
  • If at you protection of tweets is included, only you can retweet and quote the tweets. To look through these retweets and quotes only users who you read can.
  • The protected tweets of other users can be visible in your tape if they have accepted your request for reading, but if they have decided not to do the tweets public, nobody will be able to retweet them.

Whether there is a restriction for retweets?

The tweet can be retweet unlimited number of times, however Twitter shows only the last 100 users retweeting a public tweet.
Retweets are considered at calculation of tweets (restriction: 1000 tweets a day).

There were difficulties?

The solution of widespread problems see in our articles devoted to debugging with tweets and personal messages.